A Library Management Company

Los Angeles / Orange County / San Diego 

We provide quality, accurate filing of your loose-leaf material.  Filing service includes:

–  Loose-Leaf Materials
–  Pocket Parts
–  Newsletters
–  Shelving Library Materials

From start-up thru liquidation, our Technical/Consulting services are available on an as-needed basis for routine and/or special projects.  We assist you in implementing various library systems:

–  Check In / Routing / Processing
–  Usage Reports
–  Online Cataloging and Updating Links to Various E-Libraries
–  Inventory Control
–  Assisting in Library Moves

Maintaining contact is an integral part of the service, we adapt to your needs and keep you informed. Whether filing loose-leaf updates or ordering office copies for attorneys, communication is key! ​


With Over 35 years of experience and competitive pricing, W.J. Moon & Associates will be the choice for your library needs.​